We hadn’t really considered the whole Brexit thing when we booked flights to Gothenburg on June 25th, but following the shock news we woke up to on the preceding Friday morning, there was nowhere we’d rather be than Sweden. What the hell happened with the EU referendum? How can people willingly choose to leave the EU and all of the benefits it brings? So it was with some hasty “NEVER COMING BACK!!!” texts we boarded our flight and bid farewell to a country we didn’t really recognise anymore.

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Back from Budapest

Just a week after Stockholm, I found myself at another Ghost show, this time in Vienna. Funny how that happens. Sadly Norwegian don’t fly to Vienna but I had some BA points to use up, so we braved their surly-serviced flight. Not much to report there.

Norwegian do, however, fly to and from Budapest, and what do you know… Ghost also had a show there that weekend! So after a lovely couple of days in Austria, we jumped onto a train and crossed the border into Hungary.

Budapest had never really been on my list of places to visit. It’s garnered a bit of a reputation as a new and exciting stag do location, the place where LADS go for cheap beers when they’ve had enough of Prague. All fears were disproved after a quick five minute Google and enthusiastic responses from friends who had been.

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Vasa museum, Stockholm

At the top of my Ultimate List of Things To Do in Stockholm list was a visit to Vasamuseet. It was a tough call, as Stockholm boasts a pretty varied and interesting list of museums, from the Nobel museum to the ABBA museum, and of course the Museum of Spirits (alcohol, not ghouls).

But here is a museum dedicated to a ship that – spoiler alert – couldn’t even sail. The warship Vasa is awesome, but also totally shit. I couldn’t hand over my money fast enough.

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Stockholm in November

I imagine the conversation when we planned this trip went something like this:

Me: We have to go and see Ghost play a show on Friday 13th!
My sister: Where?
My sister: But you hate flying
Me: Nah, s’cool, Norwegian go to Stockholm
My sister: Let me think about it
Me: Too late, all booked

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OK, here it is, the painful first blog post. What to write? Why this topic?

Well, Norwegian Air essentially cured* my fear of flying. I hadn’t always been scared of flying and it’s really hard to pinpoint the moment I started crying hysterically when I had to board a plane, but there was a trip to Venice where I spent the whole time there figuring out how to get back by train. More flights followed where I came close to turning away at the gate, guzzled down Valium prescribed by doctors and then, eventually, opted to holiday within the UK to avoid the utter trauma of flying.

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